unicycle-inc said: Hi, could you do me a favour and have a look at my blog because you're a really great photographer, and that's what I really wanna do. Could you just take a look at a couple of my photos and tell me what you think? (There's a "my photographs" button

I understand if you don't wanna publish this so you don't have hordes of people asking the for same thing P:

Much appreciated

P.S lovin' the blog

I have no problem publishing this, I looked at what you have taken shots of and my advice is simple. Take more. Look around at artists, not just tumblr. While tumblr has a vast archive of nudie pictures and dudes in double monk strap shoes it certainly lacks a lot of ‘true’ artistic pictures. I am finishing up my BFA this year and my advice to all younger artists is stick with it. Don’t spend your time looking through Cosmo, instead go to a Museum, get on artist blogs, research, search the internet for any kind of photographer that you can personally get into.

And on a personal note, look at even inch of your frame before you take your picture, getting this in frame or that out of frame will make a difference in your work. KEEP SHOOTING DON’T GET DISCOURAGED!!